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Understanding Animism and Familiars

Animism is the concept that all beings are imbued with spirit, that so called “inanimate things” are alive with consciousness, and that the magic weavers have a responsibility to interact and care for them. Familiars are those animals, spirits, stones, flowers, trees, herbs, mycelium, stars and ancestors that are closest to us.

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The Norns, Wyrd and Hyndla

Samhain is a Time for the Ancestors In the Autumn season leading up to Samhain, we slip into the time of the thinning veil and of magic. This is the season where I feel the ancestors tugging at my heartstrings. I am deep in the work of unwinding my lineage and slowly identifying the myths… Continue reading The Norns, Wyrd and Hyndla

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Reading Tarot is a Practice not a Skill

Tarot is an ever unfolding journey. It isn't a study that you become expert at after so much time, tests, classes or structured “learning” (or should I say memorizing?). Tarot is not stagnant, it is not linear, it is not universally fixed in its meanings. Symbols are not easily defined, intuition and personal interpretation hold… Continue reading Reading Tarot is a Practice not a Skill

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Artists Who Explored the Occult in Art and Life

Many of these women were carving out their own styles in their art and diverging from the trends of the time. As women and esoteric practitioners, they were isolated in their art and life. These women were inspirations and path-pavers for ways of living and creating. In building bridges between their spirituality and their artistic… Continue reading Artists Who Explored the Occult in Art and Life