Policies and Code of Ethics

Holly Believes:

  • Tarot is not fortune telling, and it can not predict the future. People have free will and opportunities to create the future they desire.
  • Tarot is a tool that can illuminate and clarify possible choices for the decisions we face.
  • It is your responsibility to act in your own best interest based upon the information you receive from all resources, including tarot readings. Ultimately each individual has free will and should use all information at their disposal to make the best possible choices.
  • The relationship between tarot reader and tarot seeker is private and sacred. Each reading is completed for a specific individual, and when complete, that individual owns the reading forever. As the reader, I will never share your reading with another, or use any reading for more than one person. Each reading is unique and individual.

Our Policies:

  • I do not read for individuals under 18 years of age. By ordering a reading, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old.
  • I do not advise on legal or medical matters (including mental health issues). Individuals requiring such guidance are encouraged to seek consultation from qualified legal or medical professionals.
  • I do not do “third-party” readings (readings about someone other than the person requesting the reading – i.e. you can’t ask me to read a tarot spread about someone else for you).
  • All readings are conducted via email and are paid in advance. You will receive your completed reading in two to four business days (business days defined as Monday-Friday) following the receipt of a clear question from which to work (see the next item).
  • I want to provide the best, most useful, and personally relevant reading possible. In order to properly conduct your reading, you must provide some basic information about yourself (first name, age, gender), as well as a clear and specific question to be answered. If, as the reader, I need clarification regarding your question, I will ask via email.
  • We do not offer refunds. Each reading is a unique custom product. A great deal of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional effort goes into producing each reading, and as such, we do not offer refunds.


If you have any questions regarding the above policies, please email holly@wayfindertarot.com