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LEARN TO READ TAROT course available now!


Get easy, step-by-step guidance from an expert tarot card reader.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to read the tarot cards, but were intimidated by the prospect of having to memorize the meanings of all 78 cards…

Or if you’ve tried to teach yourself by struggling to decipher tarot books or blogs, only to give up because of information overload…

This course is for you!

LEARN TO READ TAROT was created to get you laying spreads and reading the cards more quickly than you probably ever thought possible.

Go From Complete Novice to Reading Your First Spread


Don’t have an entire, uninterrupted weekend to devote to learning? No problem!

LEARN TO READ TAROT is an entirely self-paced course, carefully designed so that each lesson builds on the one before it, moving you toward your goal of becoming a confident tarot card reader.

Learn at your own pace, taking a lesson whenever your schedule allows. As long as you take the lessons in order, it doesn’t matter how much time you take!

From interpreting the symbols to shuffling the cards…

easy to follow lessons from an expert tarot card reader

clip from an actual lesson


Even though I’ve been reading tarot for a while, there was still lots to learn in Holly’s course. Her explanations are crystal clear and the course provides a great overview of tarot basics to get you reading right away.


Holly gave me the resources and ideas to help me get in touch with my intuition and intentions and feel confident even in my first reading. I had little to no tarot experience before taking Holly’s class, and have to admit I was a bit skeptical that I would be into it, but I am now a convert! Holly clearly knows her stuff, and her teaching style makes it easy and unintimidating to learn. Plus she has a phenomenal way with words and could talk about each card at length. I look forward to taking many more classes from her!


Thanks for giving me the confidence to get back into tarot!


Thanks, Holly! Coolest class ever!


Great class! I loved it! Thank you!


Super informative and super enjoyable!