Meet Tiana: Artist, Writer, Witch

I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon and Cancer rising. I’m a vintage huntress and thrift addict. Collector of books, stones and plants. Art has always been a part of my life. My creations pour out of me like ocean waves, it cannot be controlled. I live for the trance-like states that wash over me while the art makes itself known. KinstoneSnake and Deer are the animal Medicines I hold close to my heart. I work in depth with my dreams as I would any other spiritual practice. I am a very intuitive tarot reader and I love to blend all of my esoteric practices, weaving them together into intuitive personal rituals. I have a deep connection with the moon in all her ever cycling beauty. I celebrate the earth and her seasons. I am slowly meandering my way through the forest path of folk herbalism, picking up the pieces of knowledge when I find them, stashing them in my bag and tucking them between book pages. My most beloved herbal friend is mugwort. She is a deep healer, dream aid, and holds the magic of the moon in her leaves to encourage psychic abilities. I have a love of learning about Neolithic Goddess cultures and moontime knowledge. I enter imaginal worlds within me, it could be said that I am a Nefelibata, and I’m probably somewhere daydreaming about my ancient ancestral grandmothers who were oracles on Crete (it’s probably true though, right?!). New to being in the online realm and writing publicly… a little scared.
bohemian witch in a field of yellow coneflowers

I live in beautiful driftless Wisconsin, nestled between the river and the bluffs that raised me. Mother to one unschooled moonbeam.

As a child I was often drawn to magic, the old ways, myth and symbolism but the culture I grew up in kept this far out of my reach.

I struggled in the structure and hypocrisy of the school system and my church. I was more often than not getting into trouble for speaking about it. Challenging authority with my rebellious empath heart is my favorite pastime.

The birth of my daughter awakened something in me that was always there, quietly waiting to be pulled out of its slumber. That powerful initiation through the yonic portal of creation brought me the realization that everything I knew or was told about my womanhood, about birth, about death, about life was wrong. It sparked some deep remembering that lead me to follow my inner breadcrumbs. All of the work with magic and plant medicines, dreams and symbols, myth and ancestors, divination, moon magic and ritual awakened in me the swift realization one night, that I was a witch. I was following these threads back to myself. I was sparking noticia within me. Noticia is the attentive noticing of the soul. That feeling of noticia is the reason we pull the tarot book off the shelf, collect stones filled with energy, why we sit and talk to plants in the wild places, follow the cycles of the moon and the earth, and swim under waterfalls. We are made up of stardust, earthen clay and magic that is as real as anything physical, we are uncovering the buried secrets and listening to our souls desires so we may weave these magic threads into our lives.

I am not an expert or a guru and I can’t heal you. I just want to share what has brought me closer to remembering my magic and the pathway of noticia.

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