Altar to the Soul Oracle Cards

Altar to the Soul Oracle Cards, by Tiana

What is an Oracle Deck?

An oracle deck is similar to the Tarot as it is a spiritual and practical tool. Yet, it differs from tarot cards in many ways. An oracle deck has no set number of cards or card titles. Oracle cards can be used in the same way a tarot deck might, but it is more flexible. There is much room for interpretation and play with oracle cards.

The Altar to the Soul Oracle Deck Design

This is a 22 card oracle deck, I chose this number of cards because it is a master number that seems to show up for me quite often. (also, I was born on a 22.) I decided not to include my own interpretations of the images. I want you to be able to find your own meanings for the cards. Your interpretations can be simply taking the words written at the bottom of the cards to heart or creating deep nuanced readings by paying attention to the way the cards tilt and sequence. The cards were created in ink and watercolor. This oracle deck is full of imperfect, bleeding colors and fluid images, I allowed the water to be my guide. You have been given two options for the backs of the cards, rainbow prism or ink blot. I have chosen to omit any culture specific symbols, gender roles and the spectrum of sexuality so no one will feel like the deck doesn’t belong to them.

Sacred Rebellion: Why I Offer This Deck for Free

I created this oracle deck because I wanted to be able to gift you something meaningful. I wanted the ones who peer through the screen into other worlds, scrolling through photos of cards and spiritual tools with wonder, to take the leap. I offer this to the wizened ones who have practiced all their lives (and past ones), to the beginner on a new journey, and to the collector of decks. Capitalism is draining and I offer this gift to you in sacred rebellion. My wish is for this offering to be a smoke signal to all the ones in this connection/disconnection realm who offered free resources not because it was good business but because they knew that this information, these tools, these teachings were never to be exchanged for money, but to be shared freely.

Magic is your birthright, the tools of spiritual healing are for the ones who seek them. I wish we could meet around the warmth of a fire, sharing dreams and trading readings and crystals in the moon glow. Instead, I can offer you this hand painted oracle deck. It is here for you to download and use as a spiritual tool of self discovery. If you choose to use this deck, as a way to balance the exchange of energy, say a prayer for the earth, the waters, the peoples whose land you inhabit. Sing medicine songs to the plants on your next hike or make an offering to the earth.

Share the Love

If you choose to share or post photos, please give a shout out. Let this oracle deck be a mirror to your soul, a way of connecting deeper into the self and opening portals to the wider unseen world. I would be so honored.

To Download Your Free Deck

Just fill out your first name and email address on this form, click submit, and you’ll immediately get a link to the .pdf – Easy Peasy!


  • Make sure your printer is full of colored inks.
  • Use a nice heavy card stock or premium matte photo paper. Be sure to change the printing presets (on your computer) to the type of paper your using. Set the scale to 100%. Then on the printer, change the paper type to matte photo paper as well.
  • Two choices of card back designs are included in your download. You can choose to print the back of the cards design directly onto the flip side of the front images or print on separate sheet and glue them together.


  • Cut out the cards.
  • Glue on the backs if necessary.
  • You can choose to laminate if you wish. (Lamination may be offered at a office supply store.)


Cleanse and invoke,

place on your altar,

a bed of herbs,

in your cauldron,

speak, sing, chant,

light a circle of candles around your deck,

place under the full moon,

place on the earth,

charge it with crystals,

set your intentions for the deck,

give thanks,

create a special prayer to say each time you work with your deck.



  • Tiana

    Tiana writes about a wide range of esoteric practices, including earth-based spirituality, ritual and tarot.