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Word Magic: Writing for Witches

Unlock the hidden potential of writing in witchcraft as we explore the profound ways witches can infuse magic into their practice. Discover the art of spellcasting, crafting grimoires, and weaving intentions through the written word. From sigil magic to affirmations, dive into the enchanting world where ink and parchment become conduits for manifestation. Explore how witches can empower their mystical journey through the transformative power of writing.

four sun cards from different tarot decks fanned out for summer solstice
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Summer Solstice Ritual

Mimosa flowers float in mountain water under ponderosa pines, flooded with solstice sunlight, on the lands of the Concow-Maidu in the sacred Sierra Nevada foothills. I feel the energies of this powerful site in the pads of my bare feet on the warm earth. -Tiana, June 2018, California I don't have many people around me… Continue reading Summer Solstice Ritual