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Connect with the Moon to Manifest Your Dreams

Following the moon’s cycles can help you to connect with yourself and manifest your dreams.

Okay, that is quite the statement, but we really can use the Moon’s energy to connect to ourselves, our ancestral ways of knowing, accomplish our goals, and even to deepen our Tarot practice. Charting the Moon lead me to deeper understanding about my body, my womanhood, my creativity, my sleep patterns and so much more.

Make a Moon Journal

By honoring the Moon we can honor ourselves. One of the ways in which we can do this is to make Moon journals. You can make this a ritual you practice daily for as long as you like or just for one cycle. It is up to you to make it yours. I have been charting the Moon for close to four years now. You can easily Google “moon phase calendar” to find what phase the Moon will be in on a particular day. I also like to include the zodiac sign the Moon is in along with the phase. You can easily find this information on the Farmer’s Almanac site. This helps you to understand what the energy of the Moon will be based on how it aligns with the constellations.

A quick list:

  • Aries– spontaneity, start something new, impulsive
  • Taurus– earthy, indulgence, sensuality, stubbornness
  • Gemini– communication, duality
  • Cancer– emotions, home, rest, nostalgia
  • Leo– creative, drama, self-care
  • Virgo– earthly, practical, grounded
  • Libra– harmony, balance
  • Scorpio– sexuality, intuition, mystery, loyalty
  • Sagittarius– inspiration, ideas, freedom, travel
  • Capricorn– productive, cynical
  • Aquarius– eccentric, inspired
  • Pisces– daydreams, fantasy, creativity, psychic abilities

Suggested Focus for each Moon Cycle

  • The New Moon– new beginnings, bleeding time, setting goals, intentions, dreaming, intuition
  • Waxing Moon to Gibbous– visualization and putting in the work to fulfill your goals
  • Full Moon– time of celebration, fertility and abundance. Journaling, make a gem elixir, cleanse crystals or ritual tools. Make a gratitude list.
  • Waning Moon to Balsamic– rest and reflect, tie up loose ends and release what didn’t work.

Setting Goals and Intentions with the Moon

I have a separate journal for my Moon charts, I draw out the Moons, write in the zodiac signs and leave space to write out my goals and intentions. These intentions can be big or small, one goal or many, emotional or physical. Choose things that are doable and don’t get too carried away.

Examples of intentions I’ve used over the years are:

  • complete one painting
  • cultivate more patience with my toddler
  • take a class
  • I am reclaiming motherhood as a sacred spiritual practice
  • embroider my overalls
  • drink more water
  • work more in depth with mugwort
  • harvest nettles
  • read three books
  • become a vendor at a local market to sell handmade items
  • connect to ancestral lands, rituals and folks stories by getting DNA tested for ethnic breakdown
  • radiance
  • repair the stack of vintage clothes in the closet already!

As you can see, it can be a spiritual affirmation or simply a chore you’ve been neglecting around the house. Sometimes they are easily accomplished, other times they appear in my journal three months in a row before they fully come to fruition. I even allow myself to let things go unaccomplished from time to time without much judgement. I’ve definitely noticed that I do get things done! That says a lot about this Moon charting habit because I am a big dreamer, starting many projects at once, bouncing around, burnout…I’m a mom. (you know how it goes) So this has been a great spiritual and practical tool for me.

Personalize Your Moon Journal

You can choose to write out the information you need for just the New and Full Moon or make it a daily journal. It is all up to you to make it to your own. I like to do a Tarot spread on the New Moon and on the Full Moon.  If you promise yourself to read on every New or Full Moon (or both!) you’ll get into the habit of reading more often and on days that feel sacred. I will journal about them and check back in with my intentions regularly to make sure I am doing things to bring them to life. Sometimes I even draw or paint in the pages of my journal. there are no rules!

Occasionally on the Full Moon I might leave out a glass of water under the Moon with moonstone and other stones in or around my water. I use this to water my plants in the morning or to make a cup of tea. You could even pour it in your bath! Get creative in how you choose to connect with the Moon. You will be sure to notice shifts in your life. Charting the Moon will bring you into the present and if you do it long enough, you will notice your personal patterns (loss of sleep and vivid dreams on the Full Moon, needing to set more boundaries around the New Moon, why am I always so emotional when the Moon is in cancer?!) Cultivating an intimate relationship with the Moon will deepen your understanding of yourself, and that is a radical act of self-care and self-preservation.




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