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Tips for Reigniting your Tarot Practice

We all experience periods of waning and waxing. We ebb and flow. Like the moon’s phases or the seasons of the earth, we are ever changing and cycling. Know that this is natural and don’t get hard on yourself for feeling detached from your magical practices and going through phases where you have dropped out of it all together. We all go through it! If you’re feeling uninspired, here are a few ways to get yourself back in your tarot flow!

Create Your Own Unique Tarot Spreads

Crafting your own ways of laying out the cards and asking unique questions can be really fun. I was intimidated to try this when I was first getting started on my tarot journey. I was worried I would do it wrong or mess it up. Give yourself time to learn how to create powerful spreads. Reading how other tarot practitioners lay their cards and what questions they ask is helpful in figuring out what vibes with you.

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Commit to Reading on Special Days

Pulling cards on sacred days brings you deeper into your traditions and keeps you returning to the tarot regularly. New moons, full moons, the festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year, equinoxes and solstices, astrological events, eclipses, and your birthday/solar return are all great times to do a reading.


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Pull a Card a Day

Do this just for today, for 30 days, or for as long as you like. You can ask the same question every day —What do I need to know today? Or mix it up. Here are some suggestions:

  • Something to contemplate…
  • A message from the universe/guides/ancestors…
  • Something to let go of…
  • A challenge I am facing…
  • A card to inspire a creative project…
  • Something to bring into my life…

There are so many single questions you can ask. Drawing a card a day is a great way to drop in and give yourself the gift of a few minutes of quiet contemplation. This is a very attainable ritual to help ease your way back into feeling enchanted by the tarot.

The Magician Tarot Card with incense, sage bundle, crystal, and orange flower.

Charge or Cleanse Your Deck  

Charge and clear your tarot deck with smudging

Simple rituals can help you correct the energies associated with your deck. Use the power of the moon, earth, crystals, and smudging to tune up your cards.  Want to learn more? Read Clearing and Charging Your Tarot Deck

Meditate on a Single Card   

Choose a card you want to work with more in depth. You can place it on your altar along with gathered items that you feel represent your card. (Crystals, colored candles, foods, water, ritual tools, etc.). Sit with your card. Visualize yourself in the card, the scene, the clothes. Another option is to visualize yourself embodying the message of the card in your day to day life.  

Tarot card on altar with crystal, stone, herbs, tea

Carry Your Cards Everywhere You Go 

By having the cards with you at all times, they become in sync with your energies. Having them with you will keep them in your heart and mind. Maybe this will inspired you to read for others or yourself at moments that might surprise you. Spontaneity is a sure way to ignite something that has previously felt dull to you.

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Journal About Your Personal Readings    

Writing out your experiences with the tarot can be very helpful in connecting to the cards and in deepening your practice. These moments of journaling can be really just your feelings around the images or the emotions you feel when a particular card comes up. You can write up the quick notes of what cards you drew or deep personal interpretations. By doing this long term it can help you to remember things you’ve learned along the way (writing things down seems to be the only way I can remember anything!) and it can also help you to notice patterns in your readings.

woman holding a journal with hand drawn illustrations of the moon and tarot card spread, wearing a thumb ring

By revisiting your past readings you can see if a single card or suit keeps popping up and decide to explore that a bit, working with them more in depth. Another benefit of looking back into your past via your tarot spreads of days gone by, is the joy of seeing how things have evolved and grown for you. Things you were once seeking answers to have been revealed, dealt with and worked though.

Create Art Inspired by the Tarot   

You can draw, paint, sculpt, weave, embroider, whatever you feel like doing in the moment! Even just blending watercolors across a page that you feel represent a particular card. Watercolor or single line drawings ( where you don’t pick up your pen from the page until your image is completed) are a great place to start if you are intimidated by this. Everyone can express themselves creatively if they don’t inhibit themselves or judge themselves on their ability. Just have fun.

Deer jawbone resting on the lid of an artist's paint box with tubes of acrylic paints.

Creating art is a deeply healing practice all its own. To me, art has always been a spiritual practice. When you are deep in the creation process there comes a moment when you are at the threshold, and you enter into trance like states of creative energetic flow. It takes over. Time moves differently around you. Many ancient artists from around the world ritually created art, spiritualizing the piece and purifying the self, through the process of birthing their work. Read about six artists who explored the occult in art and life

Talk With People Who Share Your Love of Tarot  

This is a great way to get excited again. Connecting with people who share your interests and learning from each other always inspires us to go deeper on our own.



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