Discover tarot tips, techniques, and spreads to enhance your practice.

How to Read the Death Card

Don't Freak Out! There are no bad cards in tarot! The Major Arcana Death card looks scary, but I’m always ...
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Bottom of the Tarot Deck: Shadow Cards

The Ten of Cups has been stalking me lately. It's not that it's been showing up in my tarot spreads ...
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The tarot cards and burning herbs

Clearing and Charging Your Tarot Deck

Sometimes our sacred tools come in contact with energies we don't want clinging them. Perhaps your tarot cards were handled ...
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Mugwort and Tarot

Mugwort is the most beloved of all my herbal allies. Mugwort, or Artemisia Vulgaris, is tied to the ancient Moon ...
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altar with photos jewelry herbs crystals

The Norns, Wyrd and Hyndla

Samhain is a Time for the Ancestors ...
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Tarot Tips: Jumping Cards

So, what does it mean when a card jumps out of the deck? Is it nothing or is it most ...
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Reading Reversals in a Tarot Spread

What does it mean when a tarot card is dealt upside-down? It depends who you ask ...
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tarot cards featuring the moon with crystal stone

Tarot Spreads for the New and Full Moon

Drawing Tarot with the moon is a beautiful practice. When we strive to cycle our internal seasons with the earth ...
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Tarot and Self Care

"Caring for myself is not self indulgence, it is self preservation and that is an act of political warfare." ~ ...
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Hand holding handmade tarot cards with thumb ring

Make Your Own Deck to Help Learn the Tarot

Making a custom deck was such a creative way to dive deeper into my understanding of the tarot. In making ...
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Tarot Spread with four cards and crystals on flokati rug

Tips for Reigniting your Tarot Practice

We all experience periods of waning and waxing. We ebb and flow. Like the moon's phases or the seasons of ...
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