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Mugwort and Tarot

Mugwort is the most beloved of all my herbal allies. Mugwort, or Artemisia Vulgaris, is tied to the ancient Moon Goddess Artemis. She is named after Artemis because of the silver under her leaves that reflect grandmother moon’s glow. The goddess Artemis is often depicted with hundreds of breasts to symbolize her power to nourish the animals of the forest who she protects. She is a huntress who brings on the sacred balance of life and death, she beckons in the cycles of rebirth.

Mugwort opens us up to the ancient memories…

She is a soul healer, she tunes us to the invisible realms and strengthens the intuition.

Mugwort and Self: Making the Connection

Like the Goddess, Mugwort (often times called cronewort) mothers the undernourished souls of women who have been cut off from their connection to self. Artemis is the archetype of living in a place of sacred solitude to grow the connection to the authentic self and the soul. Mugwort is a plant of visioning and intuition. Her medicine is deep and wide, reaching far into the digestive, reproductive, urinary and respiratory tracts. Mugwort is a hearty plant who can grow anywhere in strength, cleansing the air and earth even in the most uncared for places.

Mugwort: The Woman’s Weed

Mugwort is a woman’s weed. Her connection to the moon and the womb is strong. She is the maiden who inspires. She is the mother who nourishes and sustains. She is the grandmother who teaches us the sacred gifts of the cycles of life. Mugwort protects our nervous system, wrapping our sensitive and intuitive auras in loving sanctuary. She heals the emotional, physical and spiritual in our bodies. Mugwort opens us up to the ancient memories that have been hidden in closed off passageways that lead to chambers of remembering. Dreams are enhanced and infused into waking life with the support of Mugwort. Magic is invoked. She is a soul healer, she tunes us to the invisible realms and strengthens the intuition. Cronewort is the guide to the underworld that lives within us and across the veil. She is a portal opener for diviners.

Mugwort for Magic and Divination

Mugwort is the perfect plant medicine* for the in between, ancestor work, dreamwork, Samhain, moon reverence, divination and ritual. Mugwort is the herb for us Tarot seers. If you would like Mugwort to assist in encouraging more magic in your life, you can work with her in a few ways. Dried Mugwort can be smoked or drunk as a tea.* The crushed fresh leaves can be rubbed onto the third eye before ritual and divination or before sleep to garner lucid or vivid dreams. Mugwort tea has been used as a wash for divination and scrying tools and also burned in the act of recaning (pronounced “reek-en-ing”). Recaning is used for the purpose of clearing the mind, wafting the smoke around a room, object or person to clear out negative energy and create sacred space.

How to Find Mugwort

If you know enough about Mugwort and it grows in abundance near you, harvesting the plant in ceremony and drying it yourself can be a beautiful practice for connecting with the plant. If you cannot find it or are nervous about identification, pop into your local herb shop. If you can’t find one locally and need to buy online, make sure you are receiving your plants from an ethical source.

Mugwort Ritual

Gather your tarot deck, and any other tools you use for divination, at an altar,tree, stream, at a wild mugwort plant or whatever place feels right. Hold Mugwort leaves in your palm and give thanks for this plant spirit. Burn the leaves and hold your Tarot deck suspended in the smoke, until it has been covered. Do the same for any crystals or ritual tools you have with you. Make a tea from the dried leaves and bring to your sacred space, anoint your third eye with the waters and the intention of opening your intuitive senses. Then begin shuffling your Tarot cards, rooting yourself into the earth and reaching for the moon.

A Tarot Spread for Working with Mugwort

1. In what ways do I need to embody the archetype of Artemis in my life?

2. What visions need to be brought out from the unconscious?

3. What magic is being revealed in my life right now?

4. What dreams want to emerge?

5. How can I nourish my soul life?

6. In what areas of my life do I need more protection?

7. What needs to die in order to let something else grow?

*IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: If you would like to cultivate a relationship with Mugwort or any other herbs, do your research and go with respect for these potent medicines. If you are pregnant, on any medications, or experience health issues, you must consult your doctor or a well-trained herbalist before taking in any plant’s medicine.




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