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A Song for Every Card in the Major Arcana

Whether you want to work more in depth with a particular card, or just have a little fun listening to some new music, this is the playlist for you my Tarot witches! Some of the song choices may seem obvious, others not so much. I chose some for the feel or mood — maybe the lyrics were really aligned with a card’s message.

Here’s the link to the Wayfinder Tarot’s Major Arcana playlist on Spotify. I hope my list inspires you and if you have any suggestions feel free to put yours in the comments!

0 The Fool  

1 The Magician

2 The High Priestess  

The High Priestess card is all female mystique and power. Seinabo really embodies this card in the lyrics and video for this song. She is seated relaxed and cool for most of the video, she stares straight at you coming from a place of wisdom and power.

3 The Empress

This song is off of her newest album (that was inspired by a tarot reading a friend gave her, by the way!) and yeah, I have no Idea what she’s saying.

4 The Emperor

5 The Hierophant

6 The Lovers

Watch the video it’s beautiful!

7 The Chariot

Yes, in the video she is riding in a few different cars, but the lyrics are really aligned with the meaning behind this card. She sings about gliding and feeling free after protecting herself from a person who was pulling her down. It’s her new beginning in self awareness. This woman has the drive to accomplish anything she wants.

8 Justice 

A song for the times.

9 The Hermit

10 Wheel of Fortune  

This song just makes me think of the Norse myth of the three fates. I can close my eyes and just see the three crones singing and dance-weaving the threads of someones life and dishing out their final snips.

11 Strength

What could be better than finding gentle heart strength through ancestral occult practices? Finding a connection to the “ghosts” of your ancestor’s religion, your birthright, that had to move underground to survive. What guides you in strength from the heart more than that?!

12 The Hanged Man 

This card rules artists and musicians. In making his first album, Justin Vernon put his life on hold to gain clarity, reflect and retreat to his father’s hunting cabin where his music (and career) was birthed. Kinda the essence of this card right?! Lyrics that reflect the meaning of this card “you fucked it friend it’s on its head…. Get off your feet….. At once I knew I was not magnificent… I could see for miles and miles and miles.”

13 Death 

Does the song title make it a little obvious? I don’t care, this song is hauntingly beautiful.

14 Temperance 

Not quite sure why I picked this honestly. I love the video.

15 The Devil

Again, it’s in the title.

16 The Tower

17 The Star 

Because this song is twinkly and bright.

18 The Moon 

This card reminds me of the artist’s subconscious and so does the lyric “spinning spinning spinning into sickness” in this song. This song has that feminine energy and the instrumentals are bubbling and fluid like water… Two things that are very in connection with the moon.

19 The Sun 

Ha! I surprised ya there. No, I did not pick the more famous Beatles song inspired by the sun. They obviously both work for this card but Sun King just felt warm and esoteric to me.

20 Judgment 

I’ve always interpreted this card’s message to be about being confident and stepping into the divine self. Nina knows.

21 The World



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    1. Hi Shar! Must have been a temporary YouTube glitch. They’re loading fine for us. Thanks for stopping by!

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