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Mugwort and Tarot

Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, is an herb sometimes known as cronewort. This plant is prized as an aid for visioning and intuition.

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Magic, Occult, Ritual, Tarot

The Norns, Wyrd and Hyndla

Samhain is a Time for the Ancestors In the Autumn season leading up to Samhain, we slip into the time of the thinning veil and of magic. This is the season where I feel the ancestors tugging at my heartstrings. I am deep in the work of unwinding my lineage and slowly identifying the myths… Continue reading The Norns, Wyrd and Hyndla

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Finding Our Shadow with the Tarot

"When you light a candle it also casts a shadow." -Ursula le Guin What is the shadow? The shadow is the hidden parts of yourself that lie deep in your subconscious. The shadow is compiled of all the things we repress. The shadow holds the old internalized traumas, wounds and pains that still fester inside… Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Finding Our Shadow with the Tarot

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The Pitfalls of Occult Capitalism

Social media gives everyone a platform and it highlights niche and obscure groups, turning them into trendsetters. This is happening in the occult/esoteric/witch/metaphysical/new-age world. With trends flooding people's social media pages of shiny crystals and multiple tarot decks and the trendiest clothes, the culturally ingrained need to acquire and to fit in creates a sort of… Continue reading The Pitfalls of Occult Capitalism